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Here are just some of Bruce's recent testimonials for his Stand Up Comedy listed below. If you have seen Bruce recently let others know what you thought and add a review.

Client & Press Reviews

St Johnstone Supporters Club Comedy Night

Great night with bruce at in Perth, aint laughed so much in Ages

Cheers bruce and the other comedians

St Johnstone Supporters Club
Richard Smith  - perth UK

Breakneck Comedy

I have booked Bruce a few times and has always delivered - the man has so much energy, is great to work with and most of all is HILARIOUS!

Ten out of ten!

Breakneck Comedy
Naz Hussain  - Aberdeen UK

Gents Smoker at Carluke Bowling Club

Bruce rescued what was a pretty average Gents Smoker at Carluke Bowling Club. He has that in your face abrasive humour men look for and enjoy so much. Thank goodness he was there!

Carluke Bowling Club
Alistair Mackie Chairman - Carluke UK

Dunblane Centre Comedy Show

Another cracking show by Bruce and a line up including Bruce Morton, John Gillick and Mark Nelson. Sell out for the Centre, magic feedback and we turned a good fundraising profit (with thanks to our generous partners Bridge of Allan Brewery and Maxxium for cocktails). Thanks Bruce, we'll be having you back soon. Stewart.

Dunblane Centre
Stewart  - Dunblane UK

About Robert the Bruce

A commanding stage presence, superb comic timing and accurate historical research are the hallmark features of a Bruce Fummey show. His blending of Scottish history and sharp, contemporary humour works wonderfully well. There is even a touch of political satire.

Robert the Bruce is probably the most iconic Scottish hero. His is an epic story of how he overcame all the odds stacked against him to win the Battle of Bannockburn to form a nation and forge a national identity. This description is the stuff of guide books. Bruce Fummey will prove he was a lucky so and so, and, but for a chain of unlikely events, Scottish history would have been totally different.

In reality, the Robert the Bruce story is good ‘soap opera’ material, involving treachery, murder, drugs and sex.

Bruce Fummey’s appeal might be considered limited to a Scottish audience. The night I saw him he played to an international audience, who laughed as much as the Scots and also the English.

Fife UK

About Robert the Bruce

Ah, Bruce Fummey. This man exudes infectious warmth and humour. A liberal nationalist of Ghanaian Scots descent, Fummey is a beguiling presence, replete with gags and a proper understanding of the Scottish wars of independence. This is a marvellously entertaining and unusual creation.

His lengthy overtures are full of warnings which are very funny and entirely unnecessary. The Scots identify themselves with a groan when told this will not be an hour of joshing the English, though actually it is. But no one could really be offended by this set, it’s just too benign.

Though here is nothing inherently funny in this tale of treachery , Fummey succeeds in raising laughs by calling the characters into the present day and rapping them over the head with a friendly pool cue.

We meet the greedy Edward I and cover his adjudication of the contested Scottish throne after the death of Alexander III. The blade-toting William Wallace and the famously determined arachnid share the spotlight with Robert 'The Usurper' Bruce. History as it should be shared.

This is an hour in the company of a delightful Scot, with an intelligently placed, Sassenach-shaped chip on his shoulder. Take your brain to see him, he’ll put stuff in it, and you’ll feel the better for it.

Chloe Smith  - London UK

Perthshire RFC Dinner

Bruce has a long connection with Perthshire, and sometimes that can pose problems:- "familiarity breeds contempt" . However the very opposite was true. Everyone had a hugely enjoyable night. He had the audience in the palm of his hand. He`s big, he`s brown, he`s the best thing in town! Bruce you`re welcome back anytime. We`ve held your coat as ransom.

Perthshire RFC
John McLaughlin  - Perth UK

What a cracking night! All the guys have been raving!


Strathaven RFC
Stevie Alder  - Strathaven UK

Glasgows Cafe Scientifique

Bruce accepted our invitation to participate in Glasgows Cafe Scientifique (

http://www.cafescientifique.org/) on Monday 3rd April at the Tron Theatre in Glasgow. We were addressing the therapeutic effects of laughter with a scientist and Bruce provided a section of stand-up comedy. Despite this being a very challenging remit and a very different audience from his usual, he was absolutely fabulous and cleverly weaved in his experience as a science teacher into the content of his show. I have already had several emails from people saying how much they enjoyed the evening and highlighting Bruce as the star of the show! If laughter really is good for you (I'm convinced!), then 100 very very healthy people left the Tron Theatre on Monday night!! Thank you and well done Bruce!

Glasgows Cafe Scientifique
Mandy MacLean  - Glasgow UK

Just Laugh Comedy Club

Bruce Fummey had the crowd belly-laughing in seconds

Herald & Post
Wendy Stenburgh  - Perth UK

The 'best comic on the Afro-Celtic circuit' was quick to whip up the crowd in anticipation

Perthshire Advertiser
Perth UK

It's always good to work with a comedian as funny as Bruce is, but it's even better when the comedian is a genuine and decent chap as well.

Good luck Bruce you will go far!

Patrick Rolink
Airdrie UK

The Stand Comedy Club (Edinburgh)

Funny, funny, funny; and that's just his attire. Girls are just drawn to the big man in his kilt. I have never seen so many women in the front row smile due to their allocated seating!

Bruce loves comedy, and the audience love him. Quick witted and very professional; he was a great ingredient to make a fun filled night of comedy for everyone at The Stand comedy club (Edinburgh) tonight.

Buena Vista Entertainments
The Stand Comedy Club (Edinburgh)  - Edinburgh Scotland

"Bruce Fummey, whose easy delivery and original material produced the first real laughs of the night"

Edinburgh Evening News
Edinburgh UK

Public Reviews

Warehouse in Lossie

First time we have visited the Warehouse in Lossie, what a choice of show! Bruce was brilliant and had us all crying with laughter. The last time we laughed so much was at a Billy Connoly show in Glasgow in the eighties! Well done Bruce and don't wait too long to come back up here

Garry & Sheena Crawford - Portgordon UK

Tron Glasgow

i was probably the youngest person in the audience when i saw you at the tron. im a huge history and comedy fan and i just thought i'd say how wonderful i thought your show was. it was funny and insightful and i think you should teach history rather than physics!

Heather - Glasgow UK

The Stand Glasgow

It was the first time my wife & I had saw Bruce @ The Stand in Glasgow. He's a very good compere, extremely funny and really got the atmosphere going on the Raw night. Very clever & his topical election material went down very well.

A good cheap little night not too bad a nights entertainment for a school night.

Gerry Taylor - Irvine, Ayrshire UK

The Stand Glasgow

Have been trying to see this show since it played he played the fest last year and finally got the chance last night in Glasgow, and honestly can't recommend it enough to everyone.

First class on stage story telling and cheeky one liners Truly one of most enjoyible shows i've seen in a long time, informative, brilliantly paced and of course funny as hell.

Can't wait for the next one.

Billy Kirkwood - Kilmarnock UK

The Greek the Apple and the Time Machine

Great show in Perth last night. Really funny, and you deserved all that applause.

Those weren't tears in your eyes, were they?

Good luck with the rest of the tour...... and the physics.

David - Perth UK

Stand Comedy Club Glasgow

I was at the Stand Comedy Club in Glasgow last month for my fiancee's birthday. Both ourselves and the couple we were with had a great night. We had been several times before but thought Bruce stood out, his act was brilliant and I would certainly make a point of going back next time he was on the bill.


Stand Comedy Club Edinburgh

Seeing Bruce Fummey at The Stand (Monday 1st August) is one of the best Monday night I've ever spent in Edinburgh. His whole set brimmed with self-depricating one-liners. From the opening moment the material fizzed, and his delivery started strong and grew in energy to a side-splitting climax. It seemed a joyous performance for him and for us. Scotland's best kept comedy secret.

Gavin Walker - Edinburgh UK

Stand Comedy Club

My first night at the Stand Comedy club and I saw this guy Bruce Fummey. He did it for me, laugh! Told the girls at work how much I enjoyed his act and the stand venue.

Myra - Glasgow UK

My Afro Celtic Angst

Excellent show as it was last year -pity the show we saw after yours which we paid for was crap!!.

Have to thank Mark Arbuthnott for recommending your show last year -we are hooked!!

Just shows that you don't always get what you pay for!!!

Jennifer Wilton - forfar UK

Killie Trust's Stand Up Night

I meant to pop in earlier and say a few words but I had to spend a few weeks in hospital with split sides. Normally it would take a couple of days but there was a big queue!

A pleasure to have you at the t and your name was a buzz word in the streets an' neuks o' Killie for many a day following your appearance. Yes, that was buzz word.

Get this man along to your gig, you WILL NOT regret it.

Barry Richmond - Kilmarnock UK

Just Laugh Dundee

We came to the Dundee show last night and have not laughed so much for a long time. Cannot believe we have only just now heard about you. Will definately be coming along again - and again.

Barbara & Ian Tucker - Edzell UK

Just Laugh Dundee

Bruce, just wanted to say thanks for an excellent show on Friday night at the Rep in Dundee! Very funny and comeducational!

Thanks again

David Robertson

David Robertson - Dundee UK

Just Laugh Comedy Club Perth

Bruce, You were excellent last night. But I bet you wish you were hearing this from a girl half your age. The best Afro Celtic comedian can do a different subject ! And do it bloody well. I don't know if I heard you right through the laughter but I don't believe you ever kissed Fiona McDuff.

Leitchy - Perth UK

Just Laugh Comedy Club

At Just Laugh in perth: Absolutely amazing. Incredible skills, unbelievably funny, very quick wit and brilliant sense of humour, I am now going to go every month, and i already have my tickets for it, and the majority of this decision is because of a very talented and funny compere!

Aadam Mohammed - Perth Scotland-UK

Just Laugh Comedy Club

Fantastically funny MC at the Comedy Club - definitely going back again!

Hilary - Perth UK

Jongulers in Glasgow

Saw Bruce at Jongulers in Glasgow, brilliant and witty - brought the house down

Joe Smith - Bannockburn UK

Inverie Comedy Show

"Want to see Bruce Fummey, see Diary and why not pop along"

Have you retired already !

Loved the show in Inverie, couldn't manage the E festival but would be keen to see you in stand up again.



Martin - Aberdeen UK

Budapest Stand-up Comedy Show

Bruce rocked the house on the last Budapest Stand-up Comedy Show (www.BuDSuCS.com). Best night ever, biggest audience ever, and the most belly-laughs this venue ever had. there is no word to describe how thankful i am. the funniest man in the weirdest trousers !

Kinga Kremer - Budapest Hungary

Arthritis Care Gig in the Apex Hotel

Saw you at the Arthritis Care gig in the Apex Hotel. Fantastic. Really really funny. Would love to have heard all those ones you couldn't say. Maybe another time. Well done for stretching it out to an hour especially with a dry audience.

Anne Barker - Cumnock UK

AKB Library Theatre Perth

Went with my daughter and grandson to see Bruce at AKB library theatre and enjoyed every second. My grandson thinks he is a great teacher and raved about his ability at comedy. Had to see for myself and was impressed. I think his sweary words and inoffensive crudeness may be why my teenage grandson (who is half English!) wanted to see his stage show.

Kate Clark - Perth UK

Adelaide Fringe Festival

I saw Bruce last night at the Adelaide Fringe festival and thought he was fantastic. One of the best comedians I have seen and definitely the best I've seen this year. A great personal performance making the audience feel part of the story and also feeling his pain, if you get the chance he is a MUST see.

Mike Judd - Adelaide Australia

'About the Jacobites'

This was incredibly funny; it takes a lot to make me laugh out loud. Mick and I loved the bit about porridge! The really clever bit was Bruce's ability to take us from laughter to serious moments and back to laughter again. On top of that he was a really nice guy. My only criticism would be the venue, which was too small and very hot.

Diana Penman - Newport, Isle of Wight UK

About the Jacobites

Its been a while since I've seen Bruce perform on stage. The show at a Cumbernauld's Studio Room was cosy to say the least. It didnt put him off. We laughed from begining to end. Bruce now has a new following in my Son's and their friends. The DVD's will be passed around, YouTube will take a lot of hits and they will all be waiting for a return tour. Here's hoping it wont be to long a wait.

Jim McAlister - Condorrat UK

About the Jacobites

Thoroughly enjoyed "About the Jacobites" at the Rep - very funny as well as educational. As a member of the White Cockade Society, I was a bit worried as to where you were going at the start but I have to say thank you for telling it as it was (almost!) and is.

Looking forward to hearing all about Rob Roy in May.

Lorna - Angus UK

About the Jacobites

This mans wealth of historical knowledge is seconded only by his comedic timing, wit and banter with his mesmorised audience. A rib tickling experience that would have any red blooded Scotsman marching over the border to reclaim the throne for Scotland!!! This same performance would be as at home in the Royal Albert Hall as it was in the Cumbernauld Theatre. Well done!!!

Andy Whyte - Forfar-ish UK

About the Jacobites

Edutainment - excellent Jacobites performance at the HAC in Irvine. Informative, witty and laugh-out-loud funny. Catch Bruce's show if you get the chance. We'll be watching out for his next return to North Ayrshire.

Tommy Murphy - Saltcoats UK

About the Jacobites

Went to see the Jacobite show at Lossie last night second time ive seen Bruce in lossie the first was the excellent Tam O'Shanter

Had the crowd in stitches very funny the warehouse in lossiemouth is an excellent venue and bruce was brilliant so much laughter I think the show overran slightly. Come back to lossie anytime.

Craig Muncaster - Lossiemouth UK

About the Jacobites

Really not aware of Bruce at all apart from vaguely remembering something we'd read about his "funny take" on Tam O'Shanter. We went to the Warehouse & love love loved him. Definitely missed his vocation teaching Physics - after seeing his "Jacobites" show last night he should be a History teacher with attitude!!

Lang may his lum reek!

Arlene & Craig - Lossiemouth UK

About the Jacobites

Went to see the Jacobite show at Falkirk last night and I wish my history lessons at school had been a bit more like this. Great show Well done!

Sam McIntosh - South Queensferry UK

'About Tam O'Shanter'

Saw the show tonight in Stirling. Really really enjoyed it and learned loads about the poem and it's author. Didn't think it would be possible to laugh so much whilst learning stuff!

You should think about doing a child-friendly version for the fringe - I think my daughter would enjoy that. They do a lot of Burns in school.

Elaine Matthews - Stirling UK

'About Tam O'Shanter'

Hi Bruce, seen your show in Falkirk last night,I thought your version of Tam 'O' Shanter was second to none and the build up was really BRILLANT,I learned a lot about Robert Burns and if you don't mind some of it I will use as a Burns speaker. Keep up the great work.

Again many thanks for a great night

Jim Mein

Jim Mein - Falkirk UK

About Tam O’Shanter

My my, what a night this turned out to be, many of the elderly locals were there for the rendition of Tam O'Shanter, but got so much more, had I known it would be so funny, I would have sold Tena Lady at the end, alongside Bruce marvellous live DVD.

An intelligent and friendly comic who makes people feel at ease. I can hardly wait till he returns on the 29th Feb, make sure you see this guy live, it might just change your life.

Dug Coutts - Lossiemouth Scotland UK

About Robert the Bruce

A racist, anti-English bigot? maybe, but as fummey (do you see what I did there?) as anyone you'll see anywhere! This was genuine, intelligent humour. If anyone didn't like it, it will be because they didn't understand it. Genuinely the best hour of stand up I've seen.

Come and do a show in England! But tell me first so I can bag the best tickets!

Theo - Manchester UK

About Robert the Bruce

Have to say , my first time seeing Bruce. He admitted that as it was a preview show he was still tweeking his material. In short a very funny man , who is obviously well versed in scottish history. Add to that his experiences growing up. Made for a very funny ,entertaining show. Not to mention that he is a good show man and can hold the audience without effort. Well worth going to see

Michael Macpherson, - Falkirk scotland

About Robert the Bruce

3rd time I've been to see Bruce...and Friday 15th had a really surreal, crazy audience thing going on. Bruce coped well with the more liberally refreshed members of the audience and their constant comfort breaks/ mostly unfunny remarks to him, noise interruptions from outside, and other bizarre goings-on; but all of this made it a wee bit difficult to concentrate on the history part at times. I wouldn't take my mum to see it as she might be offended by some of the language/ adult content but it was a hoot - the scripted part, and all the ad libs. Bruce can certainly hold the room's attention, and you leave feeling that you've learned something and been entertained.

Linda - Perth UK

This man is the greatest comedian since mac star.

Zack fummey - Perth UK

Saw your show in Dubai last weekend and thought you were brilliant. Haven't laughed like that for ages: well done!

Neal - Riyadh Saudi Arabia

Funny guy, loved every min of it!!! a must see! love the chefs trousers lol

Connor Mcalister (jims son) - Cumbernauld UK

Went with my Mum to see Bruce in Forfar last Friday and we both thought his show was extremely thought provoking and hilarious.

Would definitely go to see him again and have reccomended him to my friends.

Shame it wasn't busier at the venue Bruce, Forfar missed a great show!!

Fiona Wilson - Brechin UK

Bruce, great show tonight I enjoyed it as much as the last time, going to try and get tickets for cumbernauld on Saturday night - yep you definately have a new groupie!!

Sally - Blackford UK

Bruce is an unusual man with a good confident style. It must be difficult to play a small venue and handle the heckling so well. His material was well researched and informative and delivered in a superb way to have us all in stitches most of the time.

John Reed - Edinburgh UK

An "intimate" audience with Bruce in Oban. What a fantastic show, Bruce you kept us in stiches laughing all evening, and I learned loads too. I'm soon to leave Oban for Australia and your show touched on a lot of the things I will miss when I go. As well as the entertainment you gave me a new view on Burns. Good luck with the rest of the tour.


one "very satisfied customer"

Duncan Mercer - Oban UK

I saw Bruce a while back in Stirling. It was absolutely amazing, non stop laughs.

Thanks for a great night. If i'm ever back up in Scotland i will be looking out for your shows.

Alex - Manchester UK

This man is by far the best for a good night. He is outstanding and will have you laughing with the 1st words out of his mouth. And he is that good you will still be talking about your night out with him weeks later maybe months later. Just like i am doing now as its over 7months since i had the best night out i think i ever have had.

All the best Bruce you are by far the best in Scotland no the UK A !!!! ti hell with it make a statment THE WORLD

Jim Melville - Perth UK

Just thought I'd say you were absolutly hilarious at The Hairy Watt. Although people did keep asking me later on if it was setup in advance that I'd give out the prize.

Hippy Boy - Edinburgh UK

Your hour long stand-up went by in a blur. Well maybe not for you. It was

utterly brilliant. A great night out.

Aly Gillies - Perth UK

Bruce, Excellent stand-up routine. Had the crowd in stiches. All original material, and delivered with passion! Loved the story about you getting on the plane.

Andy Ritchie - Glasgow UK

Whoa this guy really is a one of a kind!

The way Bruce tells his stories is great he really draws you in and then smacks you straight in the gob with a cracking punch line.


FLASH - Newcastle UK

Bruce did an open spot last year and went down a storm. We got him back soon after as support to Des McLean and he delivered again! Top stuff from a good guy!

Lorne Walton

Oban Comedy Club

Lorne Walton - Oban UK