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Here are just some of Bruce's recent testimonials for his Edinburgh Fringe Shows listed below. If you have seen Bruce recently let others know what you thought and add a review.

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Hi Bruce,

I really enjoyed the show yesterday! Very thought provoking. I really hope your message sinks in. Will look out for future gigs.



bemo Ltd
Jim Holland Lead Engineer - Edinburgh Scotland

The Greek the Apple and the Time Machine

As owner of the comedy website comedycam.co.uk I see a lot of comedians, but Bruce Fummey beyond being a one man comedy circuit, he is some thing special. He educates us while making us laugh, so he puts the comedy into edutainment. We are proud to have Bruce with us at Comedy Cam.

Peter  - Wisbech UK

My Afro Celtic Angst

Name-calling, racial ignorance, and a side-parted afro – Bruce Fummey had a tough childhood as a mixed race kid in Perthshire, but boy, has he turned it into a fantastic show. A natural storyteller, Fummey recounts tales of meeting his biological father in Africa, being raised by two white Scottish aunts and trying to get by as the only mixed race child in his town. Fummey is such an amiable character that you can’t help but get swept up by his stories, and the fact that he’s obviously enjoying the show so much is incredibly infectious and the audience is on his side from the start. His material may not set the world alight, but it’s a joyous way to spend an hour.

Three Weeks
Three Weeks  - Edinburgh UK

About Tam O'Shanter

I love Tam O’Shanter. Perhaps not enough to have his name tattooed across my hurdies, but sufficiently to hope that the production of “About Tam O’Shanter” was going to be faithful.

For those who don’t know Tam, perhaps I should explain. Tam O’Shanter is the eponymous hero of an epic poem by Scotland’s national bard, Robert Burns. It features a decent enough man who, like many of us when he goes to the pub forgets that he has a home to go to - that and the fact that his route takes him past a haunted churchyard.

It’s a rollicking tale, a wild ride but we are in the safe hands of Bruce Fummey, “the finest speaker on the Afro-Celtic Burns supper circuit”. He canters up to the subject by telling us a little of his own background, his home in rural Perthshire, his previous day-job as a physics teacher and his experiences of Burns.

Some of this feels slightly like padding but it does allow a genuine rapport to build with the audience. For the main the jokes comes at a gallop and while nearly straying into Mother-in-Law territory the punch lines are fresh and are drawn from a weird and wonderful set of personal observations. His ideas for an intellectual, rather than age-based limit for legal drinking are worthy of consideration by the Scottish Parliament and as to how an Ann Summers party and the circumcision of an Edinburgh rickshaw driver fit in, you will just have to see the show.

Along the way, Fummey gives us a worthwhile background to the writing of the poem in 1790, both in its folkloric roots and the historical figures that it is likely to be based on. He manages this without resorting to classroom techniques, interjecting jokes and keeping the whole thing light and amusing.

He rounds off with both a breathless synopsis and a roaring rendition of the comical Odyssey. For a Tam fan, this is worth the ticket price in itself.

What you have is a enjoyable hour of comedy and verse that does justice to this, Burns’ favourite and most celebrated work. As Tam would say, “the minutes winged their way with pleasure”.

Edinburgh Guide
Edinburgh UK

About the Jacobites

In my experience, when large Scottish men get passionate about something, it usually ends in a bar brawl. Bruce Fummey, on the other hand, has channelled his passion for Scotland into his country's history, and has created a Fringe show all about the Jacobites, those rebel highlanders of the 17th century. This 'edu-comedy' provided fantastic value for money - not only was I getting some fine Fringe comedy, but I was learning something about the country that hosts this Festival. With crass and self-deprecating jokes, enormous amounts of energy and genuine pride for his country, the likeable Fummey completely won me over, this history lesson never getting dull thanks to our teacher's ability to cut down a serious segment with a well-timed gag.

Three Weeks
Edinburgh UK

About the Jacobites

Bruce Fummey is establishing himself as a regular Fringe performer with his own brand of stand up comedy. There are certain comedians who are born with a natural presence. He has that gift to go on a comedy journey and the audience is happy to accompany him. This year it is an historical journey through a violent period in British history from the times of Henry VIII to the defeat of the 1745 Jacobite rebellion. Nevertheless, there is plenty of scope to display the humorous side of modern life such as the Scots abroad, the delights or otherwise of porridge and the Highland midge.

If you are born outside Scotland, in England for example, don’t worry that there is anti-English theme. The 1745 Jacobite rebellion was a British civil war pitting Scot against Scot, and indeed there were significant numbers of English mainly from the north who supported the Jacobite cause. This reveals the serious theme that underlies the humour. Past and present conflicts are oversimplified and prejudice is a constant danger.

Enough of the serious stuff, Bruce Fummey’s routine is funny, tinged with a theatrical quality, and is sustained right to the end for what seems a very short hour.

Edinburgh UK

About the Jacobites

Bruce Fummey’s Fringe shows have always tackled themes. His first was Physics, his second last year was about Tam O’Shanter and this year he casts his eyes and mind over the Jacobites.

To a small, but full, upstairs room at the Beehive, Bruce waxed lyrical for an hour (with a brief diversion showing off his French lingual skills-“duex bierre s’il vous plait”) about the Jacobites, British history and the meaning and definition of words and the observations of the differences between Scots and English (apparently it has to do with cricket).

A school teacher up until last year, when he decided to become a full time stand up comedian, Bruce held forth on the historical version of events from Henry VIII up until the Battle of Culloden (and all points in-between) in a sometimes vulgar, sometimes profound, but always funny manner, with the odd modern references thrown in. (I won’t spoil the jokes and there are plenty of them).

Ranging from hairy Highlanders to a visit to a shrine in Kuwait City (and the joys of Kuwaiti Customs at the airport), Bruce hits the mark with his vision, his mind and his laugh out loud humour.

Though only a preview, and occasionally stopping to check his notes, the show was quite slick and with a bit of fine-tuning, Bruce Fummey should have a very successful Fringe show this year. Quite simply, the guy knows how to make you laugh and make you laugh often.

Go check him out.

Edinburgh UK

'About Tam O'Shanter'

Asked in a survey some years ago what was my favourite poem, without hesitation my reply was Tam O’Shanter. Consequently, I know something of the power of the narrative and imagery. Bruce Fummey breathes life into a poem that dates from a bygone rustic era. However some things don’t change. Husbands go out drinking till late and may take a fancy to a woman, leaving long suffering wives at home their anger simmering.

He is a master raconteur having done his research thoroughly, but he can also deliver the funny one liners with great timing. He can wander into impromptu humour feeding off audience reaction and comments. The night I saw him he dealt brilliantly with late Germans, a mobile phone going of at a big dramatic moment and know it all Fifers.

He rounds off the show with a complete and dramatic rendition of the whole poem to a well satisfied and appreciative audience from a variety of different backgrounds. He has the voice and the passion to do the poem justice. Had Rabbie himself had one hour of life to be part of the audience, I am sure he would have enjoyed such a powerful performance.

Bruce Fummey is hugely entertaining and an emerging new talent.

Internet Entertainment Critics
One4review.com  - Internet Entertainment Critics UK

The Greek the Apple and the Time Machine

Bruce Fummey calls himself Afro-Celtic but has the looks of James Bond's Oddjob and the voice of Billy Connolly. He works as a physics teacher and this show is about what the title says: the work of Aristotle, Newton and Einstein, with a bit of Galileo thrown in for free.

Bruce must inspire the laziest and thickest pupils in the roughest schools because he is, in style, one of those mad TV experts in the David Bellamy mode.

He has four selling points: He knows hissubject backwards, is is wildly and entertainingly enthusiastic, can explain difficult concepts clearly (though I've heard relativity better explained twice before), has a sharp stand-up brain

Thumpingly well-delivered, this superbly-crafted script explains complex theories in easy-to-understand similes and tops off each explanation with beautifully-timed comic punchlines.

His successful intention is to enthuse, entertain and awe. This show - a serious lecture so integrated and impregnated with comedy that it is impossible to separate the two - and Bruce's performance come highly recommended. Although whether he can replicate his performance on another subject or other subjects is another matter.

The ‘rival’ physics show in Edinburgh this year - The Albert Einstein Experience" at the Gilded Balloon - is entertaining too, though it is not really a comedy show, more Theatre in Education.

Bruce Fummey is a considerably talented comedian. BBC Science Features should snap him up.

John Fleming  - London UK

Public Reviews

The Greek the Apple and the Time Machine

The show was fantastic! We thoroughly enjoyed it, would recommend this show to anyone (apart from those who get confused between physics and woodwork) ;-) Nice one mate

Ian Henry - England (never mind) UK

The Greek the Apple and the Time Machine

Really enjoyed the show. I had worried that it might be too physicsy but we all loved it.

Zoe Richards - Scotland UK

The Greek the Apple and the Time Machine

Bruce Fummey hits scintilating form with his hilarious stand up show throwing physics and comedy into a blender with painfully amusing results. Within seconds he has the crowd at his mercy with his immaculate execution of punchlines. For only £6 you will witness the funniest science show of the festival, go see it!

Johnny Marr - Scotland UK

My Afro Celtic Angst

So the Fringe festival started and tonight I went to see some stand up comedy at the Free Fringe, which was just as well because when the bar lady told me the price for my drink I almost fell off my seat! Is that the Edinburgh factor or just the Fringe factor? Anyways, went to see Bruce Fummey doing a stand up/storytelling performance entitled “My Afro Celtic Angst”. To be honest I wasn’t sure about it, I was more intrigued considering my own life experience (Afro Brazilian married to a Glaswegian and living in Edinburgh :P ) but I’m so glad I went.

This was the perfect gig to start the Fringe for a non-expert. It was funny, sarcastic, painful, personal and educative. Someone has actually described Fummey’s performance as “edutainment”and I can’t think of a better way to describe it myself. He doesn’t resemble a teacher at all (except he’s a Physics teacher!) but he also doesn’t do funny only. There’s a lot of content in his performance – identity, racism, UK politics/Scottish independence, cancer and more. So you leave it wanting to explore more of all the themes he’s touched. His life story is rather sad, having been left by his father as a baby and only meeting him as an adult must have been really hard. Not to mention all the racism growing up as a mixed race boy in Perthshire in the 60s and 70s, that must have been hell…

A must see at the Fringe 2013 ;)


Telma - Edinburgh UK

Fringe Show

What a fabulous show, funniest I've seen at the fringe so far. Almost learned something too! Well worth the £6, go see the big man, you'll laugh til you pish :)

Stuart - Scotland UK

Edinburgh Fringe

Great venue, I laughed from beginning to end - definitely the best comedy gig I have seen this year and pretty educational too...unless you already know how to measure the mass of a planet using no more than a banana, a piece of string and a small Mallard duck! (actually the big fella doesnt tell you how to do this, but that's probably because we ran out of time).

Richard Renwick - Scotland UK

Big Comedy Gong Show

I first saw Bruce at 2005's Fringe Festival in the Beehive Inn. The Greek, The Apple and the Time Machine, fantastic. I was even more pleased when we found out Bruce was the opening comedian at Bluu (in Glasgow) Big Comedy Gong show. Thanks for a great night.

Gareth - Glasgow UK

Ah'm voting Yes

"Am Voting Yes" should be compulsive viewing for anyone thinking of voting "No", or who is undecided. It should be compulsive viewing for Alex Salmond to give him some more ammunition in the next televised debate. Can you put the whole show on YouTube please?

H Bruce - Aberdeen UK

Ah'm voting Yes

Caught the Aaah'm Votin Yes show at Beehive2 last night - excellent stuff and we were doubled up laughing! Content should be compulsory viewing for anyone in any doubt about why we all need to vote YES!

Anne Roberts - Brodick UK

Ah'm voting Yes

Caught your "Ah'm voting Yes" show last night and absolutely loved it.

Hilarious and thought-provoking in equal measure. Your analysis of the "I'm a proud Scot, but..." is masterful and needs a wider audience.

That you are not on telly regularly is criminal… but it must surely just be a matter of time till that is fixed now.

Thanks for making me laugh and cry. Loved it.

Neil Winton - Scone Scotland

'About the Jacobites'

Brilliant. We had no idea what to expect but soooooooo glad we went! Mega laughs. I'm still giggling about the nested Russian soldiers! I laughed so much I got worried about runny mascara!

Margaret Stephenson - Edinburgh UK

'About the Jacobites'

First gig I've been to that made me crease my pants, get my hairs standing on edge and left me thinking about bigger and deeper things - and I hadn't even had a single drink! If you like Scottish humour, history and large AfroCelts, you will love Bruce Alrighty!

Duncan Weddell - Edinburgh UK

'About the Jacobites'

It's the story of scottish, english, highlanders, kings, queens... and it's really interesting but also very funny! Me and my friend were in the first row and being french, we got Bruce's impro/story about his holiday in Normandie which was hilarious and added an extra 15min to the show. A bonus! This guy is really good and I'll remember his name to go back next year!

Stephanie HubachH - Edinburgh France/UK

'About the Jacobites'

I didn't expect to be educated as well as entertained, but Bruce pulls it off brilliantly. I like his original style and will definitely be back for more next year. Grab a ticket before they're sold out!

George - Edinburgh UK

'About the Jacobites'

Works the crowd like a dream. Mixes history and comedy brilliantly. Excellent entertainment and educational too!

tommy - Edinburgh UK

'About the Jacobites'

This is comedy for people with a brain, not that is is hard work, it's really funny but with his past experience as a teacher, Bruce imparts real knowledge about the Jacobites, as well as great comedy. There are serious moments too, thought provoking even, but mainly and above all this is an original, really funny show. See it and enjoy!

DramMan - Edinburgh UK

'About the Jacobites'

This is comedy for people with a brain, not that is is hard work, it's really funny but with his past experience as a teacher, Bruce imparts real knowledge about the Jacobites, as well as great comedy. There are serious moments too, thought provoking even, but mainly and above all this is an original, really funny show. See it and enjoy!

DramMan - Edinburgh UK

'About the Jacobites'

Bruce put on another great show last night. I went to Tam O'Shanter last year and loved learning by comedy, but wondered how he was going to make a massacre funny. He did though, and I can thoroughly recommend the show, he's a real gem. Take a lot to drink though, as the room was boiling!

Bring on next year!

Rachel Green - Edinburgh UK

About the Jacobites

We caught your show at the Beehive a few years ago. Just watched the About the Jacobites again and wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed it.

You are truly fucking golden.

Janet Malcolm - Spokane WA

About the Jacobites

Good on yer, mate!!

Saw your "About the Jacobites" last night. Very funny, most enjoyable, and, yes, very educational!!

What I also appreciated was the message at the end. Anyone who is concerned with the way that the population is manipulated through propaganda by big business and their handmaidens, politicians, should familiarise themselves with the work of Noam Chomsky and others.

See you in May for Robert the Bruce!


Glynn Till - Dundee UK

About the Jacobites

Very funny show Bruce, and educational to boot. What a splendidly rounded night. The question posed at the end ..quite thought provoking,...despite the passage of time, the manipulation of the masses by those in power continues... confiming no matter how much we study history we seem to learn nothing.

back to the gig.. having been a regular at the sat night Fatties gigs and a few of the Mon night thing in Perth, I was looking forward to seeing you do your own complete show, you did not disapoint,excellent show, looking forward to ..." The Bruce" in may

Alex MacBain - Dundee UK

About the Jacobites

I came along to one of your first shows in Edinburgh and just thought I’d drop you a wee line to say that I thought you were excellent! I hope to catch one of your more science-y (technical term) shows at some point too – and hope to see you in Edinburgh again next year if not before.

Dr Gail McConnell - Glasgow UK

About the Jacobites

Must pay you a compliment and say that out of the 12 shows I saw at this years festival, yours was the best. Jim Jeffries was funny in a different way and the One Man Star Wars Trilogy very well done, but for all round entertainment, laughs and the element of education you were fantastic.

Adrian Graves - Edinburgh UK

About the Jacobites

Bruce's best show to date. Who would have thought we would learn history in a comedy show and enjoy it? Great comedy and a warm personality which shone through. Bruce worked the room well and managed to hold the audience's attention during the serious bits, gently upping the pace back to the comedy. Handled the drunken heckler in the front row very well.

David Black - Stirling UK

About the Jacobites

Once again Bruce Fummey hits the mark magnificently with his new festival show. We learned, we laughed, we loved it!! I can't believe this guy isn't on the tv yet! Don't miss him next year.

Hilary Charles - An exotic land of dreams UK

About the Jacobites

Excellent show, ideal for a Scottish homeboy or a tourist wanting a bit of culture, swearing and sweating. A very intelligent and warm comedian who has a thing or two to teach us about the Jacobites and how humanity is riddled with hilarious contradictions. Handled two young lovers hilariously - who goes for a kiss and a cuddle in a live stand up show?!! Beware! English must have a sense of humour for this show but you'll find there are some home truths for all!

kb2408 - Edinburgh UK

About the Jacobites

I have seen Bruce many times - he is always in top form and very funny. At this show - he surpassed all previous appearances. Top notch! Hilarious! Laugh out loud sore tum stuff! Also educational - well researched. He swallows up hecklers and spits them back! I throughly recommend this show to anyone looking for a laugh!

The silver Fox - Edinburgh UK

About the Jacobites

Nothing to change. Learned and laughed lots in great Scottish pub room, in Edinburgh out of the rain. What I came to Edinburgh for.

Doctor Who's next assistant - Edinburgh UK

About the Jacobites

As soon as Bruce walked in the room, I started to smile, because the big grin he had on his face was so infectious, and that set the tone fo the next 60 minutes! He gets the mix of informative history combined with riske humour spot on and the majority of the audience was in stitches for nearly the whole hour. Can't wait to see what topic he has in store for us next year!

Sarah McAnish - Edinburgh UK

About the Jacobites

He was really good, easily the best of the comedians I saw. Enjoyed the show, probably learnt a bit about the jacobites. Would recommend every one to see his show. Want to come back next year to see his show again.

stephen james - Edinburgh UK

About the Jacobites

Bruce clearly knows his stuff and presents his material in a charmingly self-deprocating way. As an English member of the audience, I had thought I might have felt attacked by the subject matter - but Fummey has the knack of telling the story - expertly swaying the audience from peals of laughter to a moved silence as well as making the material relevant to the modern age. The tiny venue was packed to the gunwhales of auience members from a range of age brackets and nationalities - all seemed to have a great time. Go see him!

Steph - Edinburgh UK

About the Jacobites

Being from the USA, I was worried that I wouldn't be able to follow the show. Happily and somewhat surprisingly, I ended up learning and laughing at the same time.

Cimberli Kearns - Edinburgh United States

About the Jacobites

What Fun enjoyed from start to finnish would advise anyone to go see this show, great comedt and great interactions with audience

Craig - Edinburgh UK

About the Jacobites

Brilliant show - great blend of humour and history, which kept us laughing despite the latecomers. Went to the preview show this year (to fit in with other shows) but will look for Bruce's show next year and pay for a ticket!

Catherine B - Edinburgh UK

About the Jacobites

Bruce Fummey is excellent. Well worth your time and money, get there before everyone else does...

Julie - Edinburgh UK

About the Jacobites

A must see show, especially if you are Scottish, or English with a thick skin!! Bruce has a great memory for detail and great timing, he is self deprecating and doesn't take himself too seriously. A very funny man and even better than last year. Looking forward to next year.

Gillian Philip - Edinburgh United Kingdom

About the Jacobites

Bruce Fummey was incredibly entertaining with a show that was packed with historical anecdotes and a laugh a second! I would highly recommend this show. Above all that, it was free! Absolutely brilliant!

Anne Hodgkinson - Edinburgh United Kingdom

About the Jacobites

this guy appears is very very funny. he looks funny, dresses funny and his show is funny. the content of this one was very well scripted and he has a knack of entertaining the audience on a subject that probably isn't everyones plate of porridge. his attention to detail is fantastic and he has plenty of analogies to help the audience understand the significance of his subject. as someone has already said, a couple of his jokes just didn't work so maybe he'll manage to replace them as the show develops throughout his run. it's kind of like everything you wanted to know about the jacobites but were afraid to ask - but with enough humour to keep you gripped and amused as the tales unfold.

1745 - Edinburgh scotland

About the Jacobites

Bruce is funny and informative but most of all really entertaining. We saw his show last year (and have bought the DVD at the show this year) and this inspired us to return to see his show. We were not disappoimted, go and be entertained!

Fiona Denning - Edinburgh United Kingdom

About the Jacobites

I'd definitely recommend seeing Bruce, very funny and educational! He was our first show of this fringe so we hope everyone else is as good.

McCoy - Edinburgh UK

About the Jacobites

This is a must see show. Bruce certainly knows his history and is tremendously funny with it. Wee tip though, don't be late!

Jane Perry - Edinburgh United Kingdom

About the Jacobites

Fabulous show which was as educational as it was entertaining. Bruce was wonderful and so good with the audience. Not to be missed and I will be back again next year!

Kathleen Allison - Edinburgh Scotland

About the Jacobites

Having seen Bruce's show about Tam O'Shanter last year, I was really looking forward to learning about another section of my adopted country's history, and laughing at the same time. And I wasn't disappointed. Even standing outside waiting was funny, as his son was practicing the family talents on us as well. A real treat - you'd be daft to miss it.

Rachel Green, - Edinburgh NZ

'About Tam O'Shanter'

Having seen his show "About Tam O' Shanter" last year and been left impressed I couldn't miss this one, and thankfully I wasn't disapointed. A brilliant idea of mixing a bit of history with outstanding comedy Bruce Fumey is one not to be missed. If only history lessons were this hilarious at school I could have majored in the subject, but then I'd probably be flipping burgers for a living so it may be good thing they weren't.

Brian Lawson - Edinburgh Scotland

'About Tam O'Shanter'

Had the pleasure of seeing Bruce in his Tam o Shanter show, he blew me away. His view of the world and his life was comedy genius.

As an englishman I was not looking forward to the Burns part of the show, but what can I say He brought the words alive with his passion. I would also like to pay a compliment to his sister Paula, what a voice! Thank you both for a wonderful evening.


'About Tam O'Shanter'

Bruce Fummey has an out of the ordinary view of his native Scotland, and his take of the Burns' night classic, Tam O'Shanter is no exception. He specialises in after dinner speaking but his mainline is comedy - the two go hand in hand. his sideways glance at Robert Burns' most famous poem is simply and purely hilarious.

His research is deep, his timing spitsecond and his ad-lib ability amazing. Hecklers and know-it-alls are sorted with straight wit. His voice has the right tone to do the original poem justice and his passion for his topic is obvious. Fummey's humour keeps you going all night, the subject matter's funny anyway, but there's a moral in the story.

Daily Record - Glasgow UK

'About Tam O'Shanter'

Just been to see Bruce's show 'About Tam O'Shanter' at the brilliant Out to Lunch Festival. Fantastic way to spend a lunch hour! Bruce was hilarious and really brought alive the story of Burns' Tam O'Shanter with an inspired performance. We will definately be keeping an eye out for him in the future, hope he plays here again soon.


'About Tam O'Shanter'

Saw Bruce in "About Tam O'Shanter" at the Beehive Pub during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August. Know the poem pretty well and would agree with commenter below that Mr. Burns himself would greatly enjoy and appreciate the show. Bruce recites "Tam" wonderfully, and he is a powerfully engaging comedian, raconteur, and sage. His students are fortunate.

Donald Johns - San Rafael, California USA

'About Tam O'Shanter'

I saw Bruce the other week at the Edinburgh Festival and he was one of the definite highlights. Fascinating, entertaining, witty and generally laugh out loud hilarious.

I'd definitely recommend one of Bruce's shows to anybody.

There was no exaggeration when the festival guide described Bruce's recital of Tam O Shanta as one of the best performances you'll ever see.

Roger - Leeds UK

'About Tam O'Shanter'

Saw the show in Edinburgh last week, it was brilliant! Well delivered and an excellent rendition of Tam'O Shanter to finish - well worth making time to see this man if you get the chance!

Jackie - Perth UK

'About Tam O'Shanter'

The Beehive, Sunday, 20th August

An absolutely brilliant show!!

It was the only show I'm going to at the Festival this year and we chose an real winner. My husband, daughter and I never stopped laughing at Bruce's sharp wit and keenly observed humour. and the rendition of Tam O' Shanter was the best we've ever heard.

Bruce is a master of his craft and he must be an amazing teacher!

Roberta Goodall - Glenrothes UK

'About Tam O'Shanter'

Just a quick note to say my wife Cathy and I had a great night at your show at the festival this week. Tam was some pup and you did Robbie great justice with your set, as fringe virgins we thoroughly enjoyed your set and as a result we are to return next year and all being well catch your show agian, if your ever over in the emerald isle or coming over this way please let us know and there will be a warm welcome for you as-well as some good guninness and not that shite you lot serve over in bonnie scotland....


Gary Lavery - Dungannon Eire

'About Tam O'Shanter'

Bruce - you are wicked. I was at your show with my sister in Edinburgh last night and we serioulsy havent stopped laughing since.

Being a bit of a Tam fan your take on the famous tale really was first class.

It is clear to see you have as much passion about Burns as you do about your comedy - thanks so much for a great night.

Fiona Mair - Perth UK

'About Tam O'Shanter'

I went to see Bruce at the Beehive on the Grassmarket. I needed a good laugh, and I got that! He seems to be naturally funny, and I really really enjoyed his rendition of Tam O'Shanter, I'd never heard it before, and spoken in Scots it was a really good evening.

Thanks Bruce!

Michelle Valentine - Manchester UK

'About Tam O'Shanter'

Enjoyed your show at the Beehive.

it was a quick hour! Great story telling

and so interesting,It was rounded off by the best reciting of Tam o'Shanter I've heard. We found out about you from a flyer in the Chinese in Polmont! Hope to see you at Falkirk Town Hall.I've given them a great review.

Helen Rose - Polmont UK

'About Tam O'Shanter'

Went to see Bruce a few days ago in the Grassmarket and was most impressed. Not only with his sharp humour but also his skill at reciting Burns. Never paused or struggled to remember it once. I went to see Bruce knowing (I'm ashamed to admit it) nothing about Tam O'Shanter but left with a good knowledge about the poem delivered in a sharp and witty way. Seen this show for free since it was a preview, but would definately pay to see him in the future. 5 stars!

Hannah Meichan - Edinburgh Scotland!

'About Tam O'Shanter'

Saw the Tom O'Shanter performance at the 2006 Fringe - hilarious and informative. Had me laughing throughout - and this is coming from a Canadian who knows little of the genius that is Robby Burns.

A fantastic show!

Brad - Vancouver BC

About Tam O’Shanter & My Afro Celtic Angst

We bought tickets for Bruce's Tam O’Shanter show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and he was the surprise highlight of our Fringe. We visit the Fringe every year and book more than 20 shows each visit and this show was at the top of table. We found he was also doing a free show (My Afro Celtic Angst) which we subsequently booked and found to be completely different material and equally as good.

As regular comedy club punters we cannot understand how we have never heard of this man! Funny, genuine and informative; we will be looking out for him now that he is on our radar!

Scott & Sharon - Newcastle-Upon-Tyne UK

About Robert the Bruce

Bruce Fummey is back with more comic tales about Scottish history. Don't expect a Braveheart style take on the era though as Bruce delivers the facts with his own comic twist. Not quite as funny as his Jacobite routine from last year but neverthless still an enjoyable way to spend an hour. Look forward to seeing what he has in store for next year. Highly recommended.

Sarah McAnish - Edinburgh UK

About Robert the Bruce

bruce fummey clearly knows what he is talking about.the history bits were interesting and the comedy was hilariously funny.i look forward to his show next year.

Iain Robertson - Edinburgh UK

About Robert the Bruce

My first viewing of this comedian, and I'll be keeping an eye out for him next year. He really knows his Scottish History and takes an irreverent look at the time of Robert the Bruce. If you are not interested in history, you will still find this funny, and if you do, you will love it. Contains possibly the worst pun I think I have ever heard when talking about Robert's time in the cave. (I'm not gonna spoil it!). Also a very pleasant man, taking the time to talk to us outside after the show. GO AND SEE THIS!

Andy Watson, - Edinburgh Scotland

About Robert the Bruce

Proper history, delivered effortlessly in a very funny and entertaining way. And free (unlike the tripe I'd paid £6.50 for 35 minutes of, only the day previously)! Definitely worth seeing, unless you're offended by swearing and adult humour. My only gripe was the single, unnecessary use of the 'c' word, which even us broad-minded middle-aged women still find offensive Bruce.

Jo Richards - Edinburgh UK

About Robert the Bruce

Second time seeing Bruce and have to be honest, I preferred 'About the Jacobites' from last year. However, still had a great laugh and it's always good to have history and funny stories mixed together. Plus Bruce sort of remembered me when I chatted to him at the end, which is always nice!

Stephanie H - - France

About Robert the Bruce

This was my third year seeing Bruce and as always it was educational and very entertaining. I took a group of friends who had never seen Bruce before and all said they would go see him again. Bruce is fantastic at capturing the crowd and keeping them interested for the hour, even in a very hot and stuffy venue! I wouldn't recommend you go and see the show if you are easily offended but if you are then why would you go to see any stand up comedians in these modern times? Also this may not make much sense to those who have very little knowledge of the English and Scottish relationship! Well worth a look if you're after something a bit different from the all the other stand up on offer at the festival. I am hoping Bruce will be back again next year!

Brian Lawson - Edinburgh Scotland

About Robert the Bruce

They say fact is stranger than fiction, with Bruce fact is funnier than fiction. With his own inimitable style he leaves you with a smile on your face and food for thought. History made funny for all the right reasons. *****

Anne Mackenzie - Auchterarder UK

About Robert the Bruce

Bruce Fummey is a funny guy with a big personality. His shows on Scottish history with contemporary observation are a fine way to learn something and have a laugh at the same time. This show is worth seeing just for his stunning rendition of 'Scots wha hae', but there are plenty of chuckles as well.

Big Craig - Edinburgh Scotland

About Robert the Bruce

made it through to the beehive to see bruce's show at this years fringe. The beehive had specially provided a Ghananian climate upstairs as we heard the story of robert the bruce intermingled with bruce's diversionary tales of childhood, english poofters, murder and guidebooks.

fantastic performance, certainly reminded me why the map of scotland hanging on the wall of my primary school in Campbeltown actually had a south coast with blue right round the Solway firth and up to Berwick.

Callum - Stirling UK

About Robert the Bruce

Well done again Bruce ...I liked it so much I'm going to try and get into Edinburgh again this month to see it for a second time ...just to keep me going till the vid comes out ..greeks and apples...tam shanter...jacobites...rob the bruce...WHAT NEXT...keep it up

Big Wul - Cockenzie UK

About Robert the Bruce

We came along to see Bruce mainly because of 2 factors....a rare night when we had a babysitter and a bit of cash to get the v. reasonable priced tickets.....

(2 v. rare occurances in our household).

So in other words it was pure luck that we came to be in the audience. Well what a brilliant time we had - the show was great - felt like i've never laughed so much in years. My hubby (who is English) really enjoyed the show too and said that he had a fantastic time!

We've bought the past 2 DVDS we were so impressed and definately would come back to see Bruce again in the future!

All hail the new King of Scotland! Bruce Fummey!


June & Dave - Edinburgh UK

About Robert the Bruce

Saw Bruce at the fringe and thoroughly enjoyed About Robert the Bruce. Bruce was very very funny and slick and certainly knows his Scottish history. I would heartily recommend anyone to see him there and learn what they don't teach you at school about Scotland's heroes.

Mick Elsegood - Elgin UK

Burce's was the best show that I saw at the Fringe Festival during my 4 day stay in Edinburgh. He literally had me in tears. He's a very intelligent, talented storyteller and has a keen ability in gauging the audience's reactions to his jokes. He's the kind of guy you want to wrap your arms around and give a big hug. I wish I lived in the UK so that I could attend more of his shows.

P.S. Sorry for coming in late to the show, Bruce, and sitting next to the guy from Texas...that's in America. ;)

Mya Carter - Edinburgh UK

A simply fantastic show. Bruce Fummey is one of the funniest individuals currently performing in Edinburgh. His act is well researched, erudite,energetically delivered and incredibly impressive. Its about time that the BBC and others dumped the crap that currently passes for comedy and gave this chap a contract. Quite the best thing seen for years! Thanks Bruce. PS how about Holy Wully next?

Bernard - Durness UK

Well i have to say this is my second time seeing bruce fummey in the edinburgh fringe,The first performance i saw well was funny.Now as bruce says there is always a but!!!!!!Well bruce i am sorry to say there are no but's here this man was on fire witty outrageous and dam quick fire witt!However i am english and was brave enough to sit on the front row and i could not stop laughing all the way threw the show.My girlfriend stevie even thought he was excellent and funny and worth every penny a must see.Well if you have not seen this bloke before give him a go and make up your own mind.But i know this i will be back next year to see him i just hope he keeps up the good work.

With best wishes Allan & Stevie

Allan Evans - Swadlincote Derbyshire UK

Our third outing to see Bruce and were not disappointed, he has come up trumps yet again. Starts off with repartie with audience goes into the subject wanders all over the place, ends up with repartie - brilliant!! Roll on next year, will be back.

Anne and Harry Fairley - Edinburgh UK

We saw you at Edinburgh Festival on Thursday 13th - you were fantastic.

Don't listen to the 'baw bags' who criticise you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All the best

Pat  - Perth UK

SO funny! :) finding a good comedian with my parents is always hard, but bruce was wickedawesome!!! All 3 of us were laughing the whole way through, as he made history funny! Go and see him if you get the chance - well worth the money (and his mildly offenceive stuff is hilarious so long as ur able to take the piss out of urself...which the audience on our night all were)! 5 stars!!!

Kit - edinburgh UK

Dad - the only true Scot thought it was great and can't believe he's not stumbled across you before.

Son No 1 - age 13, wants you for a teacher.

Son no 2 - age 11, dead impressed by the big swears and general rudery

Son no 3 - age 10, had his school trip to Bannockburn today and was chuffed you got your facts right.

Mum - realises she has dropped off the good mother list; also lying low due to English roots, but has to confess she LOVED it.

Thank you!

The Millar Clan - Crieff UK

You were great! Really enjoyed your show hope to see you there again.

Fiona McAllister - Edinburgh - Pagan Conference UK

Saw your show tonight and it was brilliant, I may sue because my jaws hurt so much but hey thats what we paid for.

Mr & Mrs Lange - Falkirk UK

An intimate venue, original premise and funny to boot. Go see.

Pete Forman - United Kingdom UK

Very funny. Had the audience in tears of laughter. Good stage presence, likeable personna, and used audience well to augment the more structured parts of the show. The best comedy that I've seen in the Festival this year, and nice that it came from a Scot.

Simon - Scotland UK

Brilliant!!!!! An hour of jaw aching laughter that was infact an hour and a quarter that passed in 60 seconds. Mind Bruce is a big lad and his sheer mass may have been responsible for bending light and time. 4e should be proud of their teacher and he was even fairly kind to them. At £6 a pop I don't think you will find better value on the fringe. A 5* performance thanks Mr Fummney I've left the apple on your desk.

ian glover - Scotland UK