Edinburgh Fringe

Bruce has performed at the Edinburgh Fringe pretty much constantly for the last10 years. This has included 5 star shows, sell out shows, free shows and ticketed shows. It has included shows about physics, Scottish history and culture, growing up, and the end of the world.

In August 2016 Bruce again brings two shows to Edinburgh Fringe.

Alba: Scotland the Origins

Bruce has become known for his shows on the subject of Scottish history and culture. His 2013 show Gaelic in the Afternoon and 2014 show Aaaah’m Votin’ YES were nominated for Scottish Comedy Awards. His 2016 show A History of Scotland was the biggest selling show in Stand in the Square.

Alba: Scotland the Origins is a new show looking at how Scotland came to be. We start with the Paleolithic and finish with the Treaty of Perth with heroes villains and jokes along the way.

The show will again be in the prime location of The Stand in the Square in St Andrew’s Square Edinburgh each day at 5.40pm.

Tickets and info are available on the Edfringe website.

How can I Drive to a Gig with a Jakey on my Bonnet

All he had to do was drive to the gig, perform a stand up set, use appropriate language, and pick up a cheque. What could possibly go wrong? Multi award-winning Scottish Ghanaian stand-up tells the story of one night in the life of a stand-up comic. (This show has swearing)

"This man exudes infectious warmth and humour" - Chortle.co.uk

"Put simply, he is a very, very funny man" - Skinny

This show is free entry with a donation at the end.

2015 Shows

A History of Scotland

A History of Scotland brings material and information from previous shows such as About Robert the Bruce, About the Jacobites, About Tam O’Shanter, up to date in one overarching, laugh out loud history of our nation.

The show will be in the prime location of The Stand in the Square in St Andrew’s Square Edinburgh each day at 5.40pm. This show sold out at the Perth Fringe in Western Australia and audiences loved it. I think you will love it too. I’ll even be giving away my own special tenners.

Tickets and info are available on the Edfringe website.

Scottish Comedian of the Year Winner 2014

In September 2014 I was named Scottish comedian of the year. The end of my year’s reign brings the Edinburgh Fringe and I will be doing a show at 8.10pm in The Beehive.

The show will be like a well prepared bride. It will include stories and jokes that are old, new, borrowed and blue. It’ll be a right good laugh for those who are looking for just stand up rather than the additional educational content of the history based show. Still comes with a tenner though.

Tickets and info are available on the Edfringe website.

Previous Show Reviews

'About Tam O'Shanter'

His research is deep, his timing split-second and ad-lib ability amazing.

Daily Record
Edinburgh Fringe

The Greek the Apple and the Time Machine

Has a sharp stand-up brain and thumpingly well-delivered, this superbly-crafted script explains complex theories in easy-to-understand similes and tops off each explanation with beautifully-timed comic punchline...

Edinburgh Fringe

'About the Jacobites'

The likeable Fummey completely won me over, this history lesson never getting dull thanks to our teacher's ability to cut down a serious segment with a well-timed gag...

Three Weeks
Edinburgh Fringe

'About Tam O'Shanter'

Bruce Fummey performs the famous narrative of Robert Bruns's at the end of his one man comedy show 'About Tam O'Shanter. Had Rabbie himself had one hour of life to be part of the audience, I am sure he would have enjoyed such a powerful performance. Bruce Fummey is hugely entertaining and an emerging new talent...

Edinburgh Fringe